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Integration of VES with existing IMAP email

  • VES: a breakthrough combination of encryption security AND safety, along with the convenience of seamless integration
    • Security – no dilution of end-to-end (e2e) encryption – no unencrypted keys stored on any server
    • Safety – robust method of recovering content if the user loses their locally stored encryption keys
    • This breakthrough combination makes e2e encryption finally practical for mainstream use for all data at-rest
    • APIs for 3rd party integration
  • VESmail
    • Keep existing IMAP email address, history and contacts
    • Send & receive exactly as before - seamless
    • Set and forget customizable to work with recipients either with or without VESmail accounts
    • Enterprise solution available, consumer version to follow
  • Backed by 7 months of stealth testing in the actual production environment
  • Selective enterprise rollout now available through direct engagements – inquire at